Founded in 1977 Sonitron n.v./s.a. has become the leading manufacturer in Europe of piezo
ceramic audible signals.

We are proud to say that during these 20 years of intensive development we introduced the
first piezo line telephone ringer, the first SMD piezo ceramic buzzer and the most complex
buzzer for industrial applications today.

Continuous research and intensive development resulted in a wide range of carefully tested
products form the smallest inexpensive buzzer to the most highly sophisticated alarm. This
allows us to supply you the right device for almost any application such as car industry,
office equipment, telephone sets, industrial and medical equipment, military vehicules,
aeroplanes, etc. Furthermore we are the sole source for the NATO alarms.

Production does however not stop with development. Customers all over the world are
offered full service through a wide spread sales network of representatives, agents and
distributors. Technical information, product assistance, samples, etc. can be obtained
from any one of the offices nearest to you.

The evolution in technology constantly requires new components and devices. In the past
customer demands and market changes did never escape from our attention. Today we
consider it a challenge never to lose our reputation in this field so as to remain your first
supplier for audible components and application support in acoustic technology.